From Spreadsheets to Using CRM to Increase Internal Efficiencies and Improve Student Experience


Join UCI Division of Continuing Education and MindMax for recommendations on how to identify broken processes, adopt and configure supportive CRM technology, and continually optimize your operations.



From Spreadsheets to Using CRM to Increase Internal Efficiencies and Improve Student Experience

Are you making the most of your human talent to engage with prospective students? How can CRM technology enable your unit to better support student success?

Collecting and organizing data in enrollment management is a critical, yet often complex and inefficient, process for schools.

That’s why regardless of your current situation – exploring CRM, transitioning to CRM, or optimizing within your existing CRM – it’s critical to identify your biggest process pain points, start small, and consistently iterate to see lasting improvements for your internal team and prospective students.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar with MindMax’s Engagement Director, Laura Cazayoux, and UCI Division of Continuing Education’s Manager of International Enrollment & Administrative Services, Linda Kim, you will be given the opportunity to:

  • Identify common challenges in enrollment management processes and technology
  • Discuss how your internal team and prospective students can benefit from processes enabled by a CRM
  • Discover the value of using data-driven technology to run your unit and engage with your student base


Laura Cazayoux and Linda Kim draw on experiences to provide tips on how an optimized CRM can address enrollment issues.

Laura Cazayoux is an Engagement Director with MindMax and has 20+ years of experience working with higher education on projects ranging from content development to system implementation to marketing. In her free time, when not shuttling the kids to and from activities, she can be found baking or on the tennis court.

Linda Kim is the International Enrollment & Administrative Manager for the International Programs department at the University of California, Irvine’s Division of Continuing Education. She has over 10 years of experience in application processing and enrollment management.



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