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Budget Management 2018 - 2019

Aligning your budget with your marketing and enrollment goals.



Budget Management 2018 - 2019


How much do you need to spend to achieve your enrollment goals next year?

This is a question we are asked often and this is a question with many layers. During this webinar, we will touch on a few factors that drive an institution's budget such as:

  • School Type
  • Business Model
  • Program

From there we will introduce you to our MindMax budget calculator and give you a few real-world examples of how variable funding in specific areas of your funnel will affect enrollment.

  • Budget Management
  • Marketing Strategy
What You Will Take Away
  • The understanding of how small changes within your mid-funnel efforts will increase enrollment
  • Insight into the benchmarks that should be analyzed to ensure your marketing dollars are being spent wisely.

Lee Maxey, CEO, and Founder has led MindMax since its founding in 2009, providing technology-enabled marketing solutions to accelerate enrollments for universities. Lee takes pride in building long-lasting relationships with MindMax’s university partners and building a culture focused on results aligned with clients’ specific needs.

Chris Aldrich is a Senior Marketing Manager with MindMax. He’s spent his entire career of more than 10 years within the higher education industry, holding various enrollment management positions within undergraduate and graduate education, student affairs, and athletics. When he isn’t in the office he can often be found at one of the local ice rinks playing hockey with his men’s club team.

MindMax optimizes marketing and enrollment functions to drive increases in enrollments. Our team stays on the leading edge of performance marketing and enrollment strategies. We work collaboratively with our university partners, listening carefully to each client’s specific needs to develop mission-aligned solutions.


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